Available for purchase from the Club

Contact Mike Kelly to purchase. (address on homepage.)

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Hats-blue, light green and OD green.     $16.00+ SH. Winged Fairchild logos. 3 colors  White on Black, Red on White, and Yellow on Black.  $14.50 + SH.   Fairchild Club Patch, $4.00 + SH.

Pegasus Patch $5.00 + SH.

Ranger Engine Patch $5.00 + SH.


Pegasus decal $2.00 + SH. Ranger Engine Manual $10.00 + SH


Fairchild Patch     $6 Warner Scarab Patch     $6


F24 and some F22 drawings on CD ROM.

 CD $45.00.   Order these from Jamie Treat. (Address on home page.)