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     You need not own a Fairchild to be part of our Club and share our enthusiasm for the Airplanes. To Join or renew your membership in the Fairchild Club,

simply fill our the following form, send it along with a check for $20.00 (US funds) for annual dues.


     If your are fortunate enough to have a Fairchild airplane, please let us know about it. We try to keep records by Model Number, by Country/State of the owner

and by owners last name.


Members will receive the Club Newsletter, Fairchild Flyer,  four times a year.


Send the Check and information to:

Fairchild Club

92 N. Circle Drive

Coldwater, Michigan 49036-1155 USA




City:                                    State                       Postal Code:                       

Phone Number:                                           E-Mail Address:                                                                   

If you own a Fairchild:

Model:                                    Year Built:                        N#                        Serial #                   

Engine Manufacturer:                        Engine Size:                   

Status: (Circle One)     Flying     Our of annual     Project

Thank You for Your Support!