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My friend Jim Harvey has been taking and collecting airplane photographs for a long time.

When I went out to photograph his beautiful Monocoupe 90AL in November 2007, he mentioned he had a bunch of Fairchild pictures at home.

I asked him if I could copy them and post them to my website. He said "Of course!"

These pictures were taken between 1959 and 1962, mostly at Ottumwa and Rockford. He says he also shot color slides, so he's going to find them for us and I'll have them scanned and post them also. I've posted every picture he gave me, along with the name of the current owner listed on landings.com below each photograph.

As a "Thank You" to Jim, I'm posting a picture of him and his Moncoupe at the beginning.

Jim Harvey Jim's Monocoupe based at Creve Coeur.


Robin Smith, Manasquan, NJ Craig Nelson, Eastsound, WA
Plane fun Inc., Snellville, GA Boyce Bingham, Yuma, AZ


Edward Miller, Omaha, NE Not Listed
Can't read N number. Happy Smith, Rogersville, TN
Carol Burmeister, Indianola, IA Communication Resources,  Boise, ID


Scott Miller, Fairborn, OH Not Listed
Not Listed Ronald Hackworth, Seal Beach, CA


Not Listed Richard Carey, Hagerstown, IN.
Not Listed Not Listed
Edward Wegner, Plymouth, WI Michael Penrose, Ketchum, ID
Not Listed George Leighton, Seattle, WA.
William Stoos, Mulberry FL Donald Genzmer, Mukwonago, WI
Herbert Hobi, Roseburg, OR Now N690FA, Don Parsons, St Peters, MO
Martin Propst, Jacksonville, FL James Hardy, Wichita, KS
Franklin Hamilton, Reno, NV. Robert Etter, Tonopah, NV
Wm Carter, Kingsport, TN Kate Tiffany, Spring Valley, OH
Richard Currie, Woodland, CA