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Ed Nelson in Sidney, NE  wildwestaca@gmail.com

Cell 970-217-1778


Ed Escallon in  Elwood, IN edtdc@terronics.com

PH: 765-552-0808


David Junker in Klamath Falls, OR  Basinaviation@yahoo.com  PH:  541-331-7290 Fairchild PTís.


TAILWHEELS ETC  Accelerated flight training

Multi & Tail wheel  Jonathan Amundsen

Winter Haven, FL 33881  PH: 863-412-7865

Jonpilot45_7ac@hotmail.com www.tailwheelsetc.com  


Eric Gourley  in Eastsound, WA (Orcas Island)

Gourley1@me.com  360-317-4737 Antiques, modern, RVís, Beaver and Otters.


Mike Kuhnert Bay Aviation Topping, VA Hummel Airfield (W75) PH: 804-436-2977 mkuhnert01@gmail.com www.bayaviationonline.com PT rides also!


Dennis Borkowski  Akron, NY 716-563-1673



Blue Skies! S. Daniel Wotring Aviator Flight Training 714-423-4440 Office, 714-402-1864 cell. Aviatorflighttraining.com . Facebook.com/aviatorflighttraining.

C-170,Citbria, Great Lakes, PT-17, SNJ/T6 and DC-3.