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Member Photo's

       Lend-Lease supply and therefore accepted by the USAAF on May 12th 1944. To Baltimore (Port of Embarkation) June 8th '44 and departed US July 9th '44.   
Believed delivered to UK as HB708.  (I do not have the RAF history cards yet).
        Registered Belguim as OO-PET July 1947 and as EC-AEN in Spain in July 1949.  Withdrawn from use 1958.  Restored to register 1962 to 1982.
I do not have date for its rebuild and registration as EC-XGP.

Read about the planes history here:


Roger Starr's pictures of NC77630, 1946 F24W-46 he owns.  It received
Antique Reserve Grand Champion at the Arlington Washington Fly-In on 7/10/2011.

Charlie Brown's F-24 Alan Mather's PT-26 Bill Sprigs PT-19


John Alexander's PT-23


Kreider-Reisner Fairchild 22 Fairchild 24 Primary Trainers
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David Stroud's replica Fairchild 51

Fairchild 71 Restoration          

Rare Fairchild 42 in Alaska     



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Fairchild 42                  

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