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2016 Oshkosh

Leon Whelchel, 24R46 N81363 Vinton,IA.

Ed Jett 24C8F Broomfield, KY.

 CAF pt-26 N9474H

USAF A-10 Thunderbolt II

Scott Delawader PT-19 N54508 Galesburg, IL

Tim Trimble, 1943 PT-26   N79307

Ed Lachendro 24R40 N232E Beaver Dam, WI

Daniel Wegmuller 24R46 N295Y Monroe, WI

2nd Mark Howard PT-26 N9279H Edmond Mike Thern 24R46 N77661 Winona, WI Ching Brothers PY-26 N9762H Owasso, MI

Mike Pfau, 24R46  N18688 Princeton, MN.





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Jamie Treat

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